Desolation Alley

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Desolation Alley

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Desolation Alley provides you with hard rock melodies, and high energy. The band has developed a sound all their own with each member coming from much different backgrounds. Jeff Dayton (lead guitar) has contributed his own unique sound and founded Desolation Alley on December 12th, 2012 in Port Huron, Michigan. Being the only original member left in the band, and striving to keep it going brought him to find Erica Shkembi (lead vocals). Erica joined the band on March 26th, 2016 and later brought Chris “Fozz” Stotler on bass May 28th, 2016. With the addition of the two of them, they would bring the dedication that Jeff had been looking for in the years prior. They began writing original material instead of doing covers like the band initially set out to do. Once they decided to go in this direction, everything began falling into place, especially finding the bands new drummer John McNally.

John approached the band after a set at a benefit, and it just so happened that the drummer was stepping down after the performance that night. Information was exchanged and later in the month of October the band was impressed by his ability to keep time, and add to the sound. John officially became Desolation Alley’s new drummer on October 21st, 2018. Being relatively new John had a seamless transition into his position in the band. As a group Desolation Alley is upbeat, and in your face. They have a strong female lead, accomplished musicians with much experience, and a variety of influences from The Doors to Slipknot. The sense of family, and dedication is what keeps them moving forward… Desolation Alley is definitely a fresh perspective on music today.



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