Vicious Tides Ft Andy Vargas




Andy Vargas, and Slight Return ­­–– a dynamic band led by Mark Kassa, with William Pope Tony Mitchel, and Ronnie Karmo–– has performed as lead singer with the legendary Santana band since 1999. In teaming up with Mark Kassa, (lead guitar and song writer), Andy Vargas now adds his California soulfulness to the Detroit-based band’s gritty power. As lead vocalist to the iconic Woodstock rock band Santana, Andy has performed in twenty tours with his musical hero, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist, and bandleader Carlos Santana. During the global stadium tours, Andy has worked on a range of projects with such legendary performers, including Yanni, Slight Return, and Taboo (of the Black-Eyed Peas), Enrique Iglesias, and Patti Labelle.

As someone who rose to stardom from modest means, Andy has committed himself to “paying it forward.” His nonprofit, Andy Vargas Foundation, provides at-risk youths with life-changing opportunities to study and work in the music industry.

For Andy, music itself has provides the means to overcome, represent, and uplift: “Carlos is for us and the Latino culture, an icon, and to be able to actually now work with him on a personal level for me is a dream.”

Long before music genre now known as “World Music” became recognized as the force it is, Santana’s ever-evolving sound helped create the category, not only achieving near universal appeal, but also playing a crucial role ushering in 21st century’s pan-cultural, multiracial social identity and cultural landscape. Vargas has been inspired by and shares Carlos Santana’s dedication to humanitarian outreach and social activism, which parallels the guitarist’s lifelong relationship with the healing and uplifting power of music. Vargas is proud to continue his work with Carlos Santana, a guitar legend, exemplar of multiculturalism, and global music icon.

Slight Return exudes the grit of and soul of its hometown, Detroit, MI, the Motor City.  The band represents, capturing Detroit in all of its sounds and rhythms –– groove, funk, soul, and psychedelic, kick-out-the-jam Motor City rock. Slight Return melds its powerhouse influences–– Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine, Santana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Robin Trower––into a powerful alchemy: cutting-edge World Music and Classic Rock roots.


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