Jourdan Rystrom

United States // Nashville



Jourdan Rystrom is a soulful performing artist with original song placements on major TV shows and radio airplay worldwide. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and along with being a successful Singer-Songwriter, she is also a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Inspirational Speaker. Although her released music is mostly pop-rock oriented, she also works with the powerful vibration of crystal singing bowls and tuning forks paired with the angelic tonalities of her voice to heal through sound acoustics and frequency.
Jourdan’s latest single, “Dead Sober“, births the new genre ‘Pop-Conscious’ with the message to feel everything no matter what – even in the face of addiction and self-sabotage – something the world desperately needs to hear at this time. Jourdan got clean and sober on 11.1.15 and ever since then has been on a mission to share her story of experience, strength, and hope through recovery and inspire others to heal through her music and her teachings.

 has continued her career in songwriting and performing with live concerts and weekly live streaming shows on both her Facebook Page and YouTube channel. She always goes live at 3:33 (her special angel numbers).
Along with her co-writing partner Johnny Vallone, Jourdan is a part of the acoustic/pop duo known as In The Key of J. For the past three years, Jourdan & Johnny have been writing and performing their original songs all over Los Angeles and Orange County, including churches, corporate events, and live streaming worldwide.
Jourdan stepped out in faith and made the move to Nashville in March of this year. As the universe would have it, she arrived in Music City on 3/3 and on that day was 3.33 years sober… exactly. She also happens to be the 33rd Artist signed to RL Recordings, which makes complete sense of course. Jourdan is a star in the making and is excited and honored to be bringing her unique voice, joyful spirit, and soulful energy to the RL Recordings family!


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