Dixie Tabernacle/Larry Goad



Dixie Tabernacle is a seven-piece Southern Blues Rock project that turns classics into new songs and new songs into classics every time they get together. Larry Goad, Jimmy Hall, Doug Phelps, Thane Shearon, Tony Bowles, Bruce Pearson, and Turbo Kirby bring together their considerable talents with the goal of creating fine, inspirational, rocking music. To them, Southern Rock is a “musical stew… a blending of blues, country, jazz, soul, and rock.” They are hoping to bring back this medley of styles, as “Southern Rock today… seems to be only the country/rock style.” With Larry Goad both serving as producer and slamming away on the drums, they grow closer to this goal every time they perform.

Their music is full of energy, even more so in live performance. The band’s full sound and rich vocals will get even the most stoic of cowboys tapping his toes to the beat. This comes as no surprise, given that they have a Grammy winner and another Grammy nominee rocking out! 

Their two albums, Nashville Swamp and A Good Excuse, have been well-received. It is no wonder that Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame joined the band for some performances in 2015 before his passing. They are definitely one to keep an ear out for, both on stage and in the news! 


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