Chelsea Lyn Meyer

United States // Pennsylvania



Chelsea Lyn Meyer is an award winning Alt-Rock artist from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Her music has reached #1 on VRadio Nashville’s Top 40 Charts and “Between the Lies” sat on Philadelphia’s Gashouse Radio’s Top 10 chart. At age 13 she became the lead singer/guitarist for local pop-punk band 2AM, releasing their CD “Stud Belts, Skate Shoes, and…a Skirt?? Yeah, We’re a Band” featuring her original songs. As 2AM got older and went their separate ways, Chelsea began her solo career as a alt-rock singer/songwriter.

In December of 2014, she released her debut single “Between the Lies”, recorded and produced by Andrew Chervak of Midnight Studios, NJ. She released her follow up single, Remember, which really brought out her “pop/rock” persona and is featured on Factory Fast Records compilation CD, Black Top Alliance, with world wide distribution! Chelsea released her third single in November 2015 titled “This One’s On You” which went to #1 on Vradio Nashville’s Top 40 chart within 2 weeks of being released! In 2018 Chelsea came back with a brand new sound and released two singles, ‘Hangover’ and ‘Lying to Myself’. In December of 2018 she released a version of ‘Lying to Myself’ featuring Philadelphia native rapper and hip/hop artist, Whitney Peyton. Currently, Chelsea is working with producer Michael Wuerth of Long Island Sound Studios on new music and her debut EP.

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