Ben Cole

United States // California



Up and coming artist Ben Cole has had a love for entertainment from a very early age with music being front and center.  He began performing with his brothers & sister from the tender age of 9.  His vocals were unsailable which over time has created a smooth and sure sound.

In the vein of R&B with a Pop twist he has been involved in several music projects as a singer-songwriter, collaborator & performer.  His latest release titled “Moonlight” displays this blend perfectly.


Ben likes to use his music to speak to social issues that are easy to ignore.  Acceptance, love, encouragement & challenge flow as a theme throughout his songs.

Ben: “ Most of the music I write is to inspire, connect & move the listener”.

He graduated with an AA in Music and is a Vocal Coach at the Professional Voice in Rocklin and Folsom, CA.    Ben enjoys imparting his musical passion into young, aspiring singers.  His favorite quote –  “When Words Fail Music Speaks”.  Hans Christian Anderson.


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