RL Recordings Proudly Announces the signing of Laura Cheadle

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RL Recordings is happy and very proud to announce the signing of Philly based artist Laura Cheadle to the RL Recording Family. With her amazing, powerful and hypnotic vocals, she is a great addition to the RL Recording Roster and family.

With some the best press quotes we certainly say they speak the best about her:

“She is perpetual motion, boundless energy, and shares her love of music with everyone present … Laura is incapable of standing still, staying on the stage, or even keeping her shoes on.” STAGE Magazine

“Cheadle loves music and appreciates the tiny details that go into making a song more than just a melody and chords. Laura Cheadle makes singing seem easy. She’s teeming with the sort of soul that other artists can only dream of.” SKOPE Magazine

“Laura Cheadle is a young, jeans-wearing singer & multi-instrumentalist who writes songs in the coffeeshop-love-song tradition & renders them in a smooth-funky, B3 kind of way” Time Out NY

“..Not only does Laura have the voice and the looks to back up her musical talent, but she also has that indescribable “it” star quality that hoists her a level or two above most other extremely talented local acts.” Philadelphia Music Examiner

“LAURA CHEADLE is a young white woman with a big guitar. She shows that she has just as big a voice, in a way that would makes the likes of Bill Withers or the Reverend Al Green smile” Jersey Beat Magazine

Stay tune for some amazing music from her here at RL Recordings

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