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Dilemma is music duo signed with joint partnership with One Nation Global and RL Recordings.

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly is a largely self-taught musician. He has been involved in several music projects and bands, written the soundtracks for video games and short films, and has several projects in the works at the moment. From a larger role in series-in-development like Markham on YouTube Red as well as a supporting role in the horror short film Kishin, which he is also directing, to his current group Dilemma who just released their latest single “Show It to Me.” Dan is a musical chameleon in terms of style and is passionate about creating new and unique sound.

Jake Sutton

Jake Sutton’s music is his life. He has been playing and writing music for most of his life and can get lost for hours just improvising on guitar. After meeting Dan Kelly and working out a few kinks, they formed their group Dilemma, who just released their latest single, “Show It to Me.” Jake is also showing off some of his acting chops with supporting roles in YouTube Red series Markham (still in development) and horror short film Kishin. Jake is a loveable goofball and an absolute musical force driven to give the world his art.

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