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Soundhouse Studio-Jack Endino (Seattle, WA)

Review by Mark Kassa

Anyone who has recorded an album with a live rock band knows the importance of capturing the right vibe in the right room with the right engineer. You can check all those boxes along with the one marked “intangibles” when you work with iconic Seattle,WA producer/engineer/musician Jack Endino at Soundhouse Studios (located in the Ballard District).


Most people know Jack for recording bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney (He can be seen in many documentaries commenting on the “grunge” music scene, (including one at the MoPOP -Museum of Pop Culture), but he also has a Latin Grammy and is adept with all styles.

The studio is equipped with excellent backline.  It may not “wow” you when you walk in but this studio is about “function” not “fashion” and you’ll soon realize that you’re working with the best in the business. Your drums, guitar and bass will sound huge. A plethora of great guitar amps are available, with Endino knowing the technical details of  them to dial in the right  sound (you might even get to record with his amp that he had Kurt Cobain use on the “Bleach” album).  A  businesslike but subtly relaxed atmosphere will bring out the best in your playing. If you love the analog recording sound (like I do) but don’t want the inconvenience and expense, this is the way to go (very few will realize that you didn’t record on reels).


Once the tracks are captured, leave the mixing into the hands of Jack and be prepared to hear your tracks come to life! I’ve been fortunate enough to record in some great studios including United Sound Systems (P-Funk, Prince, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Grand Funk Railroad’s “The Swamp” studio and Ghetto Recorders (White Stripes) in Detroit. Soundhouse, with Jack Endino at the helm, sits right there at the top of the list.  5 stars- worth flying your band to Seattle to record with, and reasonably priced! My upcoming album “The Sideshow” was recorded there and my last three  albums were all mixed by Jack.


I thank my friend, musician and producer, Rich Mansor for the introduction.

Mark Kassa is the guitarist/owner/writer/producer of the Detroit band Slight Return® (slightreturn.com), has recorded with artists like icon George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic), Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix), Dennis Coffey (Motown Funk Bros) and many others. He is a Voting Member of the Grammy Awards, co-host of “Welcome to the D®” and “The D® Cap” and an artist for RL Recordings

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