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RL Recordings is an Independent, Multi Genre Label. We offer established and new artists production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and promotional services. Our combined years of experience in the music business allows us to provide keen insight on what works best for our clients.

Recording Services

Our team of award winning professionals, can provide a variety of services depending on your project needs. If you already have your tracks recorded, but need everything brought together – look no further.


With our long list of supporting consultants, song writers, musicians and producers we have a talented team to make you the best in music today. Our services expand beyond music distribution services. We also offer consulting for music, video, live performance and recording projects.

Our Artists

Keith Mack

Pete Thompson

Kill for Eden

Ripple Street

Kassie K

Slight Return

T Money Green

Allie Keck


RL Recordings Newest Releases

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  •     Love You So- Kill for Eden
  •     Whiskey & Attention by Allie Keck
  •     Kiss & Tell by Allie Keck
  •     I Cant be in Love by Kougaran
  •     Going Places by Ripple Street
  •     Welcome to the D by Slight Return
  •     Hail the Heroes by Slight Return

Our Team

Thomas McDonough

Thomas McDonough

Owner & A&R

Mr McDonough has been involved in the music industry since 1995 and Owned WROM Radio Detroit and WROM Records that was partnered with MI-5 Records/Universal Music Group. WROM Radio originated in Detroit, MI as a passion project in 2010. Thomas McDonough’s novel approach to radio, complimenting celebrity interviews with independent music of all genres, is an uncharted territory.This approach has allowed independent artists to receive the exposure and resources necessary to ensure the greatest amount of success as possible, while providing established celebrities with a unique platform to express ideas.

Thomas McDonough officially started building the WROM Radio Detroit network from the ground up in late 2010. As a native of the Detroit area, Thomas has always held music hailing for the motor city in high regard. Although, a sudden and steep introduction to the music world during the late 1990’s is what opened Thomas’ eyes to the vast possibilities of radio, ultimately leading him to explore and thrive in the internet radio market. It is Thomas’ well sought after discernment along with his unique insight that has helped him craft WROM into a media powerhouse. He spent the last year and half cohosting the show This Moment in Time, he now started a new show called The Dcap show here in Detroit and owns the record label RL Recordings. He has also started to host a new TV Show on My Jam Music TV Network.

Craig Macintyre

Craig Macintyre

Music Consultant

Craig Macintyre is a Los Angeles based session and touring drummer currently playing with multi-platinum rock band the Goo Goo Dolls. Craig has also worked with a huge variety of other artists including Colbie Calliat, Seal, Idina Menzel, Vertical Horizon, Josh Groban, Katherine McPhee, Michael Penn, Rita Wilson, Deana Carter, and many more.

Craig Macintyre grew up in the Boston area, the second child of Scottish immigrants who moved to the States shortly before his birth. After high school, Craig decided to forgo college to pursue a career in music; today, he is a much sought-after live and session drummer. Craig’s strong sense of rhythm and tasteful playing earned him a nod from Modern Drummer Magazine.

“Craig’s playing is tasteful and creative, lending solid support without ever being intrusive.” – Modern Drummer Magazine

Macintyre has appeared on the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, VH1, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the World Music Awards, the American Music Awards, Live at the Greek: Josh Groban with special guest Bela Fleck, Sessions @ AOL, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Good Morning America.

On getting the gig, Craig says, “Play the songs the way they are, and then put your stuff on top of it.”

Pete Thompson

Pete Thompson

Producer & Music Consultant

Pete Thompson   has 45+ years experience as an international touring and session drummer. In 1972, Pete joined the U.K. band Silverhead which toured Europe, the U.S, and Japan with Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Kiss. He has worked with Robin Trower, Robert Plant, Pete Haycock, Melanie, Eric Bibb, David Byron, Ken Hensley, The Detroit Emeralds, Musique, and many others over his career.  He was awarded Silver, Gold, and Platinum albums for his work on Robert Plant’s 1982 release “Fate of Nations”.  In 1987, NAIRD (National Association of Independent Distributors) voted Thompson “Best Rock Drummer” for his performance on Robin Trower’s “Passion”. He has appeared on numerous albums, TV and radio shows.

Originally from South-End-On-Sea, England, Pete moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 2007 where he established his own studio, Texas Central Productions. There he records and produces his own music and that of many local artists in and around North Texas. He has recorded, produced, and/or performed on 30+ releases that were made at his studio.  TCP offers recording, production, mixing, mastering, session tracks, drum lessons, cd and website design services.

Pete is well known for his skill as a drummer, he also plays bass, guitar, sings, and composes. He released his first solo album “Open Window” in 2012 and collaborated with two of Ft Worth’s legendary guitarists, Rusty Burns and Buddy Whittington, on the project.  “Too Close to the Sun” followed in 2016 and showcases his ability to write and produce in a wide variety of genres. Never short of ideas, a third album is in the works.

Steve Lynch

Steve Lynch

Music Consultant

Steve Lynch. Known by many for his work as lead guitarist with the popular 1980’s band, Autograph, Steve is known in guitar circles as “the two-handed guitarist”, an innovator of the hammer-on method, as well as many other advanced guitar techniques.

Beginning as a bass player in 1967, Lynch was inspired to transition to guitar on September 18, 1970, the day Jimi Hendrix passed away. In 1973 began studying music theory and jazz technique with Don Mock, who was then an instructor at West Seattle Music. In 1977, Mock moved to Los Angeles to become one of the founding instructors of the Guitar Institute of Technology. Mock invited Steve to become one of GIT’s first students that same year and in March 1979, Steve also became one of GIT’s first graduates and was voted “Student of the Year” and “Most Likely to Succeed”. Steve’s technique was born in April 1978 from a clinic at GIT where Emmett Chapman was demonstrating a two-handed fretboard tapping technique with his instrument invention, the Chapman Stick.

Steve won the “Guitarist of the Year” award at the 1983 New York Guitar Expo and published a sequel to his groundbreaking guitar manual, The Right Touch, Book II (CPP/Belwin). In 1984, Steve had been jamming in his spare time with a group of LA studio musicians when one of his his friends brought along a tape of their work while jogging with David Lee Roth, who began raving about their material and insisted that the group open for Van Halen on their 1984 tour. Although the group was unofficial, had no album, had no recording contract, and did not even have a name, they obliged and on the fly came up with the moniker “Autograph”.

The tour was a success for the newly formed band, gaining them sensational exposure and landing them a record deal with RCA. It was during the Van Halen tour that much of the material for their first album, Sign In Please, was written and it was during a rehearsal after the tour – only two days before going into the studio – that they wrote their biggest hit “Turn Up The Radio”. In 1985, Sign In Please went platinum and Steve won the “Guitar Solo of the Year” award from Guitar Player magazine for his wizardry on “Turn Up The Radio”.

Autograph recorded two more albums for RCA, appeared in several movie soundtracks and television shows, got heavy rotation on radio and MTV, and toured with the likes of Motley Crue, Heart, Aerosmith, Ronnie James Dio, Bryan Adams, and Whitesnake before disbanding in 1989. In the meantime, Steve was writing magazine columns for Guitar Player, Guitar World, and Guitar for the Practicing Musician and in 1987 had published his third book, The Right Touch, Book III. Also in 1987, Steve released an instructional video through REH Publications titled The Two-Handed Guitarist. In 1990, Steve formed Network 23 and in 1994, finished their first album. Steve later opened the Federal Way School of Music in has taught thousands aspiring guitar students in the Seattle area on everything from Guitar 101 to his world-renowned two-handed technique.

In 2010 Steve launched, which showcases an online library of over 100 unique guitar licks and full-length solos produced into slowed-down video training segments with related instruction tab. The lick are designed to challenge students in both picking and two-handed hammer-on techniques in an environment that allows the student to learn at their own pace and commitment level. Steve also recently re-mastered his entire Autograph Catalog using some of today’s best studio compression and mastering techniques.

Rae Attanasio

Rae Attanasio

Artist Relations Manager

Rae has years of social media and A&R experience. She knows her way around the label. She is a asset to RL Recordings Team and brings her excitement and energy to the label each and every day. Her email is

Teri Cooper

Teri Cooper

Social Media & A&R

Native Texan. She aspires to learn at least 15 different languages, including sign language. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from West Texas A&M University, She is working on her Entertainment Law Degree.  She sings, play the piano, avid writer (poems, etc). She has a desire to help people promote themselves and the qualities they bring to the world.  She has learned to live with the motto “Practice Deliberate Positivity” because blindly living in a negative vibration hinders our accomplishments. She personally believe a music is the magnetic driving force of the heart and soul. It uplifts, it promotes change. It is a catalyst to make the world recognize the greatness within us all.

Orion James

Orion James

Songwriter & Producer

Orion James, also known by his colleagues as J.R., is a Singer-songwriter and actor. Born in Chicago, IL, James has always been attached to music, sighting Michael Jackson as his main influence. Having released a multiple albums digitally and also writing more artists, James looks to further his career with RL Recordings.

Michael Floreale

Michael Floreale

Music Consultant

Composer and songwriter, Michael Floreale, has enjoyed a professional music career spanning over three decades. A native of the UK, Michael began his career as co-founder of Manchester band, When In Rome. He co-wrote and arranged all the songs on the bands first album. It went on to sell over a million copies and the hit song from the album, “The Promise”, went to Number One on the Billboard Dance Chart, peaking at Number 10 on the Main Chart. The interest and popularity of the song “The Promise” has grown over the years and has been featured in movies and mainstream TV, most notably, Napoleon Dynamite, Grandfathered, and The Goldbergs. Grammy award winning country artist, Sturgill Simpson, recently covered the song and it is featured on his hit album “Metamodern Sounds In Country Music”.

In 1992, Michael moved to Dallas, Texas and also began composing music for TV and film. His work in commercial music earned him many awards including Gold and Silver Telly Awards and an Emmy for five songs he composed for ABC affiliate, WFAA. His music can be heard today all over the world having written for Netflix, Showtime, HBO, CNN, Exxon and many others. In 2006, Michael had an opportunity to reform When In Rome, recruiting a new singer, Johnny Ceravolo. The band went on to tour successfully throughout the US with Devo, A Flock Of Seagulls, Information Society,
Pyschedelic Furs to name a few.

Michael and Johnny then spent over three years writing and producing a new album “When In Rome11”. It was mixed in LA with producer, Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith). Today, Michael continues with his passion for music, writing and working with emerging bands and singers, composing music and touring with When In Rome 11.

Tony “T.Money” Green

Tony “T.Money” Green

Music Consultant & A&R

Edward Tony Green a.k.a. T. Money Green is a bass player best known for his work with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Warren G, and The Dramatics. His playing can be heard on almost every song that was released by Death Row records during the early to mid-1990s. After 20 years as bass player and band director for The Dramatics, Green landed the job of bass player and band director for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. He is also well-known for his writing, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering songs. He also produced one of the singles on the soundtrack for the 1994 film Above the Rim, which won Soundtrack of the Year at the 1995 Source Awards. T. Money continues to work with Warren G, Nate Dogg, and other hip-hop artists.

Edward Tony Green was born September 22, 1956 in Mt. Clements, Michigan at Selfridge Air Force Base. He attended pasture Elementary School, Hampton Jr. High School, and Mumford High School. He is right handed but plays bass upside down. T Money has been involved in over 100 hit songs to date. His first gold album credit was by The Dramatics in 1977.

He is the son of Rene Shaw and Roy Edward Green. His father, Roy Edward Green, was a decorated soldier in the US Air Force who served during the Vietnam War from start to finish. Roy passed at the age of 41. T Money’s step father is William Austin, a bassist best known for his work with Ester Philips, Glory Lynn, Sonny Stit, Spanky Wilson, and many others on the jazz scene.

T. Money started playing the bass when he was 14 years old. His skills have made him one of the most sought-after and respected bass guitarists in the industry. Forming his first real band in 1971, the original ‘Roadwork’ band, T. Money quickly moved on to work with The Dramatics (1974–1992). His involvement with the group ranged from sideman to co-writing and arranging songs to touring the world. T. Money then went on to produce David Ruffin Jr., son of the late David Ruffin, traveling the world as a bass player and producer for Death Row Records (1992–1995). He assisted in the creation of the ‘Gangsta Rap’ sound that can be heard in hit tracks like Gin & Juice, Doggy Dogg World, California Love, and You Can’t See Me.

T. Money currently works with his new ‘Roadwork‘ band while continuing to mentor and work closely with some of Detroit’s finest musicians and performers including, Shadow, Misfit, Maverick, David Ruffin Jr., David Shelton, Skenz, Miss Lulu, and Andy Miles.


Mark Kassa

Mark Kassa

VP of Operations

Mark Kassa- Guitar/Vocals– Voting Member of the Grammy Awards (The Recording Academy), Graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.   Has written/recorded with George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member), Andy Vargas (lead vocalist for the legendary Santana Band), Billy Cox (bassist for Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys), Dennis Coffey (guitarist from the Motown Funk Brothers), Tony “T Money” Green (bassist for Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, The Dramatics, and Death Row Records), Davey Pattison (vocalist for Robin Trower, Montrose, and Gamma), Pat Lewis (vocalist with Aretha Franklin and  P-Funk) and legendary drummer Dennis Chambers (Santana, Steely Dan, P-Funk, Jackson 5).

Guitar/Vocals/Writer/Producer/Manager of Slight Return (  and owner of federally registered trademarks for “Slight Return”, “Welcome To The D”, “The D”, “It’s a Detroit Thing”, “It’s a D Thing”, “So Detroit”, “Hail the Heroes” and “Shake Your Detroit Right”. Produced albums/ recorded with  Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek in Seattle, WA (Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and the famed “Sub Pop” label out of Seattle), Jim Diamond in Detroit, MI (Jack White and The White Stripes), Alan Sanderson-San Diego, CA (Elton John and The Rolling Stones), Frank Jamal (Aretha Franklin).

Endorsed by the Shin-ei “Vibe Bro” Univibe company alongside guitar greats Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, Doyle Bramhall, Oz Noy, and Michael Landau.


From Mark:

“Another one of my passions is charity work.  I’m thankful for all the great opportunities in life and I want to always give back.   I’m proude to be an executive board member and volunteer of the DMAN Foundation (Danny’s Miracle Angel Network).  They have a specialized studio with equipment that allows them to assist people with severe disabilities (quadriplegic, MS, closed head injuries, etc) to record tracks, singles and full albums.  Other events put on by the DMAN Foundation include the Dream Cruise (since we are the Motor City!) in Detroit, MI.  Volunteers bring their convertible sports cars and the foundation provides hoists pick the patients up out of their wheelchairs and put them into the sports car where the drivers tear off and cruise with them in the vehicle.  The organization has taken clients on Cruises, Vacations, Helicopter rides and even the TV Show “Shark Tank” where one of the hosts invested in one of the patients clothing line! ( Here is a video from a recent cruise the organization took the clients on

-Sole sponsor and donor to the United Youth 2000 program run by coach Robert Brown in Detroit.  We had a free basketball camp in Detroit where we also taught about values, respect, etc and fed over 150-200 kids free per week, culminating  the final week of awards to build self esteem.

Volunteer at St Dominic’s Soup Kitchen in Detroit where we feed 200-300 people every Sunday morning before Church.

Sponsor a family for the Adopt a Refugee program where we provide funding for food, clothing and shelter for the abandoned, impoverished families in Iraq and Syria.

Donated multiple music performances for various causes and fundraisers and persons in need  including  the Walk for the Cure Cancer Walk and the DMAN annual gala.

Testified in front  the  of Michigan Congress  on the proper distribution of public benefits to help the poor get fresher product in supermarkets in urban areas considered “food deserts”

Full line of apparel for the trademark brands at

Former  Board Member for the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce (2 year term)

Co-founder of Axis Music Academy

Co-Chair of the Chaldean Festival (4 years)

Music/Band director for the Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers of MI (5 years)

Music Master Class at DIME (Detroit Institute of Music Education) College


Robert Eibach

Robert Eibach


Grammy winning Producer Robert Eibach with several years experience in the industry. email

Robert Eibach began his music career studying communications and audio/video production at Temple University in Philadelphia. It was there he developed the skills to Produce and Engineer professional music. Robert began working at Third Story Recording Studio in Philadelphia, where he engineered Rock, Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and other musical styles, and worked with top recording artists including Swizz Beatz and Korn.

After graduating Temple University, Robert moved to Los Angeles in February 2004 to work with more world class artists and producers. He was hired by Del Oro Music, in Studio City, CA where he worked his way up the ranks from Assistant Engineer to Engineer, head Engineer and eventually to Producer. He has enjoyed working on top recordings by many artists including David Longoria, Ottmar Liebert, Poncho Sanchez, Cece Peniston, Chico DeBarge, members of The Mars Volta, Baby Bash, Karine Hannah, Marc Antoine, Chris Standring, Mindi Abair, Michael J. Downey, Wouter Kellerman, Cash Money Records, Republic Records and many more.

As a producer, he has created TV Specials for PBS and a number of TV episodes and interviews in music and film for the 24k Music Network, where he serves and VP of Production. His recording artists have also enjoyed much success. Robert worked with Wouter Kellerman and Ricky Kej on their album “Winds of Samsara”, which reached #1 on the Billboard New Age chart August 2nd 2014 as well as won the GRAMMY AWARD for Best New Age Album. Kellerman’s latest album “Love Language”, that Robert worked on also reached #1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and achieve a GRAMMY NOMINATION for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in 2015. The album “Adelante” by Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band, that Robert worked on, received a LATIN GRAMMY NOMINATION for Best Children’s Album in 2015.

Singer Lakotah earned her first Billboard Chart hit with Robert’s production of her single “Falling” which climbed into the Top 40s of the US Billboard Dance Chart. Robert’s engineering and production work on Michael J. Downey’s album “Bridge Of No Return” contributed to it’s International success including topping the for-mentioned single reaching #4 on the Adult Contemporary Chart. Robert’s EDM Remix of Billboard #14 Dance hit “Deeper Love” is featured on David Longoria’s album “Baila!”. Robert and David Longoria have teamed up to produce Longoria’s new album “The Journey”, which is a ground-breaking Instrumental album combining David’s trumpet with edm. As a remixer, Robert reached #14 on the Billboard Dance Chart in September of 2016 with Karine Hannah’s single ‘Victory”, which was released by Cash Money/Republic Records. His remix for Lisa Cole’s “Lost Love” peaked at #11 on the Billboard Dance Chart in May of 2o17.

Tara Madej

Tara Madej

A&R & Social Media

Tara is one of the A&R and Social Media members on the Label.

Her Email

Kevin Lacourciere

Kevin Lacourciere


Kevin is a multiple genre Songwriter/Record Producer who was the personal protégé of the late great pioneer of Hip Hop – MC Breed.


Kevin holds his degree in Music Production and Recording Engineering from Schoolcraft College in Michigan where he graduated with honors. Kevin went on to further his education, studying under producers and engineers whose credits include several national artists; plus, it’s in his genes! Kevin is a cousin of the late Gerry Lacoursiere (Founder and President of A&M Canada and former Chairman of Polygram).

Kevin was the one of the main producers behind international singer Natalia Damini’s debut project released on 1/7/2014 which made its debut number 11 on the iTunes Pop Charts. Kevin has also produced and engineered songs featuring artists such as Nicki Minaj, Jim Jones, The Shop Boys and Gucci Mane.  Kevin was responsible for composing part of the soundtrack for Rel Dowdell’s, “Where’s Daddy?” Rel Dowdell is known for “Train Ride” (Sony Pictures).

Other previous work includes a publishing contract with North Star Media where he composed numerous songs that were added to their catalogue which caters to movies, TV, and other media outlets worldwide. In 2011, Kevin was part of Spyder D’s (Newtroit Records) compilation album, “Heat Seekers”, hosted by The Kool DJ Red Alert, which featured artists such as Ne-yo, Trey Songs, and Kid Creole.  Some of Kevin’s other credits include Co-writing several songs with the late Van Cephus who is best known for playing keys for “Chapter 8” with Anita Baker. Some of Kevin’s best memories include working on projects with his mentor and good friend, the late MC Breed.  In addition, Kevin does production work for aspiring artists nationwide and currently has a non-exclusive partnership with Fresh Sync ( Kevin brings a plethora of new, unique sounds to the table!




Video Bio:

Charlene Oliver

Charlene Oliver

A&R & Music Consultant

Charlene is an artist who has touched the world with her haunting vocal style and quality. Charlene got her big break when she recorded a song called “Sweet Sad Clown.” It was presented to Motown Records’ founder, Berry Gordy, who signed her within a month. It was then that she worked with many of the people she only dreamed of when she was a young girl, people such as Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, with whom she would later record her second hit single, “Used To Be.

I’ve Never Been To Me, the classic track, has featured in many movies and television shows, including “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” and “Shrek the Third.” Now the gay anthem and karaoke favorite is being released as a dance remix.

Charlene writes about her experiences of being signed to Motown and her relationship with ‘that’ song, which, more than 30 years after its first recording, keeps coming back. Charlene’s life is featured in her book “I’ve Never Been to Me” and she has also written a children’s book, “The Life and Tails of Herman the Worm.” She is in the process of finishing her suspense novel titled “Oliver’s Army: The Book and the Quill.”


Scott Page

Scott Page

Music Consultant

Known for a diverse career within the music entertainment industry as well as an early pioneer and innovator in new media. As a Musician and performer, he is recognized by worldwide audiences as saxophone/ guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp and others.

Co-Founder of publicly traded 7th Level Inc, an interactive game and educational company with more than 100 cross-industry awards. Co-Founded New Media Broadcasting Company, a communications enterprise that focused on social media and collaborative technologies. Clients included, Will Smith, Monty Python, TOTO, Institute of Systems Biology. Co Founded Direct2care, Online presence management company focused on healthcare.

Recognized as: “The Top 100 Multimedia Producers” by Multimedia Magazine; “100 Coolest People in Los Angeles” by Buzz Magazine; and considered one of “50 New Media Innovators” as profiled in Pioneer Electronics’ Multimedia Frontier, Serves as an invited guest lecturer and panelist at numerous new media conferences and university symposium.

Ted Mason

Ted Mason

Music Consultant & Producer

Ted Mason is a British guitarist/singer/producer and President of Mi5 Recodings, a record label distributed by the EMI group. Ted played a long-time role as guitarist/songwriter/co-singer/producer, and manager for the British band Modern English, a pop rock group that sold 4 million records in the US. Additionally Mr. Mason has produced, worked with, and played as a session musician for a diverse group of artists, among whom Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Toots and the Maytals, Trevor Horn, Betty Carter, Kid Creole, Santana, Jeff Beck, Robert Palmer, UB 40 and Ali Campbell, Hugh Maskela, Lagbaja, Diblo Dibala, the Verve, Chrissie Hynde, Jesus Jones, the Wallflowers, Julian Lennon, Ringo Starr, Papa Wenba, Jon Anderson, Khaled, 10,000 Maniacs, Afrika Bambatta and Queen Latifa.

Ted studied classical guitar at the San Francisco conservatory of music before joining Modern English and is also consummate bebop musician. Mr. Mason also understands film production and design insuring optimum visual packaging and artistic growth for the Mi5 artist. His work in the film world has brought him working relationships with Robert Diniro, Jane Rosenthal (Tribeca Films), Harvey Weinstein, Sandra Bernhard, The Tribeca Film Festival as well as political figures such as President Paul Kigami of Rwanda and Bill Clinton. He brings to Mi5 Recordings the sensitivity of a trained musician, the eye and skill of production/design and his management skills provide direction in artist development securing the Mi5 artist program for a long successful career. Mi5 Recordings is dedicated to world music with concentration of African music. The label is distributed and financed by EMI in the United States and Universal in the UK.

Ted Mason: The new album, “The Road to Mecca” released June 2014, mixes the influences of world music, combining traditional Indian instruments (sitar, soourangi, tablas) with Classical strings, harps as well as western rock guitars/drums and sampling. Something Ted Mason had been working on since the late 80s, early 90s to reinvent the sound originally of Modern English, a band that lived in a multicultural city; London. “How can you be apart of London if one is not influenced by the multicultural experience. London is a diversity of people from all over the world that have helped to build the British Empire.”

Janet Gardner & Justin James

Janet Gardner & Justin James

Music Consultants

Gardner was born in Juneau Alaska and lists her birthday as March 17, 1962. Her father, Rulon B. Gardner was a civil engineer who worked for the United States Forest Service in Utah, Alaska and Michigan before taking a job in Bozeman, Montana at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory at Montana State University in 1964, where Gardner grew up. Her mother Margaret was a piano player and church organist. Her parents were of the Mormon faith. Janet was the only girl in a family with four brothers. She sang in school choirs and learned to play piano and guitar.

In the mid-2000s, when the band Vixen was disbanded, Gardner attended college at the University of Bridgeport and became a dental hygienist in 2005. As of 2015 she maintains an active license, and works as a hygienist when not working on musical projects with Vixen.

Gardner is married to guitarist Justin James since 2016.

Gardner became the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the all-woman hard rock band Vixen. Janet joined the band’s early lineup in 1982. In 1984, the band appeared in the movie Hardbodies before moving to Los Angeles to further their career.

After some initial changes, the primary lineup of Vixen consisted of Janet, Jan Kuehnemund, Roxy Petrucci, and Share Pedersen. Vixen signed with EMI and recorded their self-titled debut album which was released in September 1988. Gardner described the pressure of recording as, “We were just girls from Minnesota and Montana who loved playing live, so it was a bit of a rude awakening.”

Their lead single “Edge of a Broken Heart” became their signature hit song. It was co-written, arranged, and produced by Richard Marx. Vixen would go on worldwide tours in support of Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, and Bon Jovi along with their own headline shows. Vixen recorded and released their second album “Rev It Up” in July 1990. They toured for another year alongside KISS and Deep Purple before the band split up in the middle of 1991 citing musical differences.

In 1997, Janet and Roxy reformed Vixen with Rana Ross and Gina Stile for a US tour. In 1998, Janet, Roxy, and Gina recorded a third Vixen album titled “Tangerine”. Tangerine would be a shift in styles going to a more late 90s grunge sound rather than the 80s hair metal sound of the previous two albums. Roxy Petrucci’s sister Maxine joined the group for a tour until they were sued by original member Jan Kuehnemund over copyright infringement involving the use of the Vixen name.

In 2001, Kuehnemund decided to reform the band this time with Janet and Roxy, adding Pat Holloway on bass. The newly reformed Vixen toured the United States as part of the Voices of Metal tour until disagreements once again caused the band to split in the middle of the tour. Kuehnemund quickly replaced the band with three new members to finish the tour and they continued on under the Vixen name.

VH1 reached out to the original Vixen lineup in 2004 and got them to appear on the show Bands Reunited. The show featured a one-time reunion of the original group that aired in November 2004 coinciding with the re-release of the first two Vixen albums.

Janet mostly stayed out of the spotlight until making a few special appearances singing with the band Scrap Metal in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Share Pedersen and Roxy Petrucci along with Janet reached out to Jan Kuehnemund about reuniting the original Vixen, however Kuehnemund declined stating that she was happy with her new band. Soon after, it was announced that Janet, Share, and Roxy would form their own band along with Gina Stile. They originally named the band “VXN” but decided to change it to avoid any possible lawsuits, thus they became known as simply JanetShareRoxyGina (or JSRG for short).

JSRG began playing shows at the end of 2012, followed by touring on the Monsters of Rock cruise in March 2013. After a long battle with cancer Jan Kuehnemund died October 10, 2013.[9]

Gardner will release her first solo album, produced by her husband, on Pavement Entertainment in August 2017, Janet Married Justin James, a musician who most recently played bass for TYKETTO on the Monsters Of Rock cruise

Vixen was founded in St Paul, MN by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. Driven by rock star dreams, like so many before her, Kuehnemund packed up her group and headed for Hollywood. Kuehnemund soon re-tooled the lineup to include vocalist Janet Gardner, drummer, Roxy Petrucci, and bassist Share Pedersen (Ross).

Vixen quickly built their reputation playing the infamous Sunset Strip and signed a major label deal with EMI. Vixen’sfirst hit single, “Edge of a Broken Heart” penned by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill (The Tubes) blasted onto the Billboard charts fueled by heavy video rotation on MTV. Their self-titled freshmen LP garnered two more knee droppers with “Cryin’” and “Love made Me” both charting on the Billboard hot 100 top 40. It was the group’s live performances opening for the Scorpions, Ozzy and Bon Jovi that established Vixen as a premiere rock act to be taken seriously.

vixen-01In 1990,  “Rev it Up”, Vixen’s second LP produced the monster rocker “How Much Love”, scorching ballad, “Love is a Killer”‘ and the upbeat “Not a Minute Too Soon” cementing their reputation not only as formidable performers, but as hit songwriters. The group Vixen-izedtheir fans on worldwide tours with heavyweights Deep Purple and KISS, which fueled the international frenzy.

The undercurrents coming from the Seattle grunge scene helped strengthen the winds of change and underscored the decision to disband Vixen in late 1991. Each band member independently dabbled in various projects until 1997 Gardner and Petrucci releasing “Tangerine” under the Vixen moniker. In 2002 Kuehnemund once again regrouped Vixen with Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Lynn Louise Lowrey (bass) and Kat Kraft (drums). This line-up then went on to tour and release “Live and Learn” and “Extended Versions” from a live performance in Sweden.

It was 2012 when Kuehnemund reached out to Gardner, Petrucci & Ross for their long awaited reunion. Sadly, only days before officially announcing the news, Kuehnemund was diagnosed with cancer and the reunion was put on hold. Jan Kuehnemund, the founding member and lead guitar player for Vixen tragically lost her battle with cancer and passed away October 10th of 2013. Jan touched many souls and will live on through her music.
Realizing that a band belongs to its fans, Gardner, Petrucci and Ross have reunited in continuing the Vixen tradition and honoring the fans.

The Legacy lives on…

Catherine Succarde

Catherine Succarde

A&R & Social Media

Catherine is Part of the A&R Team & Social Media Team. email

Keith Mack

Keith Mack

Music Consultant

Music Consultant and A & R   Musician, Bassist and Singer. Email

Keith Mack is a celebrated guitar player who has backed many of rock’s iconic voices for the last thirty years. Having toured and recorded with legends like Paul Young, Joe Cocker and most recently Cyndi Lauper on her world tour, Keith has built one of the most impressive rock ‘n’ roll resumes around. In the 1980’s Keith teamed with one of rock’s greatest voices, Patty Smyth and joined the band Scandal. The group went on to produce hits like “Goodbye to You”, “Love’s Got a Line on You” and the chart topping single and album “The Warrior”. Keith and Patty have been working together on new material for an upcoming release. This is coming off Patty’s 2015 Holiday CD that Keith co-produced and co-wrote three of the original songs on the disc. Keith’s solo career saw the release of THE MOMENT in 2014 with nine original tracks. The CD brings Keith’s voice to the forefront on every song…from the opening mandolin and hard driving Hammond Organ on “The Secret of Fire”, to the ever hopeful power ballad “Kind Word”, and the bluesy soul searching track “When Right is Wrong”, Keith brings an honest and emotionally charged soulful sound to his debut CD. Keith will be following up THE MOMENT with new music released throughout 2017, with the first single, IF ITS REALLY TRUE, having been released this summer

Sandy Gennaro

Sandy Gennaro

A&R & Music Consultant

Music Consultant and A & R.

Sandy Gennaro was born and raised in NYC and currently resides in Nashville TN. Sandy has toured and/or recorded with: Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bo Diddley, Johnny Winter, The Monkees, Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Bolton, Benny Mardones, Craaft, The Mamas and Papas and Jon Paris. He has recorded several Top 10 singles and has performed for for over a billion fans spanning his 50 year career.

Sandy has also made numerous TV appearances including The Tonight Show, The Grammy Awards, The American Music Awards, The MTV New Years Ball, and The Late Show with David Letterman among others. He is also a favored councelor at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps.
He is currently recording and gigging with various artists in Nashville.

Before his move to Nashville in early ‘14, Sandy gave lessons, master classes and inaugurated the Music Business program at the Drummers Collective in NYC since 1987.
Gennaro is also a corporate/academic inspirational speaker. He has brought his “B.E.A.T.S.” presentation to FedEx, Belmont University, Pacific Hotel Management LLC, Sam Ash Corp. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center, The Collective NYC and The School of Rock with extraordinary results. Participants in his “B.E.A.T.S.” program return to work or school with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, increased passion, tenacity and a renewed engagement in their work. They will be inspired by new behaviors that increase productivity and drive business, sales and leadership performance. “B.E.A.T.S.” in an acronym for Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity and Service.

Sandy proudly endorses DW drums, pedals and hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Hot Sticks, Remo drumheads and Rhythm Tech percussion.

When all else fails, Rock Lives

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